Dr. PS Lubana


Dr. Parvinder S. Lubana currently working in Apple Hospital

We are doing all types of Pancreatic and Liver resection for both benign and malignant lesions. We are to deal with all type of GI problems with easy solutions,simply we try to bring back the natural smile of the patients with the help of the Surgical Knife.We the team is leader & famous for doing maximum stoma free endostapler colorectal surgeries in central India.We are the pioniers in Staplar Hemorrhoidopexy in M.P..We have done many Long & Short term randomised control triels published in International journals in the field of Colo-rectal surgery comparing Staplar Hemorrhoidopexy for Bleeding Piles with Conventional open Hemorrhoidopexy and Comparing hand sewan Gastro-intestinal anastomosis with Staplar anastomosis.



Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum. When the walls of these vessels are stretched, they become irritated.

Although hemorrhoids can be unpleasant and painful, they are easily treated and very preventable. As hemorrhoids generally get worse over time, doctors suggest that they should be treated as soon as they appear.

Hemorrhoid swelling occurs when there is an increase in the pressure in the small vessels that make up the hemorrhoid causing them to swell and engorge with blood. This causes them to increase in size leading to symptoms. Increased pressure may be caused by a variety of factors:

  • Low fiber diet and smaller caliber stool causes a person to strain when having a bowel movement, increasing the pressure within the blood vessels.
  • Pregnancy is associated with hemorrhoid swelling and is likely due to increased pressure of the enlarged uterus on the rectum and anus. In addition, hormonal changes with pregnancy may weaken the muscles that support the rectum and anus.
  • Prolonged sitting on the toilet may increase pressure within the hemorrhoid blood vessels
  • Obesity
  • Diarrhea, both acute and chronic
  • Colon cancer
  • Previous rectal surgery
  • Spinal cord injury and lack of erect posture

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